McLaughlin & McLaughlin

The consulting firm of McLaughlin and McLaughlin provides high quality services in project development, planning and management as well as dispute resolution and litigation support. These high quality services are provided on a worldwide basis to national and international clients. Troubled, complex, difficult and challenging  projects are the typical focus of these services.

McLaughlin & McLaughlin has assisted numerous troubled major capital projects successfully over the years by providing cost effective business solutions and recovery plans.

McLaughlin and McLaughlin Consulting Services are used by many types of organizations. These organizations include worldwide / international owners, contractors, governments and law firms. Often, services are rendered on location (project or client) throughout the world. Services on location continue for as long as the need requires work at this location or presence.

Oil-and-Gas-IndustryMcLaughlin and McLaughlin Consulting Services follow best practices and standards. Our ways of working are at the leading edge / state-of-the-art in this service area.  We adopt / conform to your capital project delivery and ways of working protocol – PMI, CII, IPA, CMAA, AIA, AGC, AACEI or your own established protocol.  The gaps can be filled with best practice.”

Being a small or boutique firm, McLaughlin and McLaughlin’s services are provided by the principals in the firm. As such, clients benefit from responsive and quality advice, deliverables, support and (above all) expertise provided by the source of this expertise and experience.

Regarding project development, planning and management, McLaughlin and McLaughlin has completed front end development and planning on several large and complex programs / projects over the past six years. These include oil and gas as well as process industry and “high tech” projects with a total investment exceeding one billion US dollars. (USD)

Regarding dispute resolution and litigation support, McLaughlin and McLaughlin has completed numerous assignments on worldwide disputes in the oil and gas, process and power industries over the past eight years. These include disputes individually exceeding fifty million US dollars (USD) ($50+ million) and with a total disputed value exceeding several hundred million US dollars (USD). McLaughlin and McLaughlin provides these services, including testimony, as industry practitioners.Brochure_McLaughlin_&_McLaughlin

Please see the balance of this website or our brochure for additional information and particulars.  When contacting McLaughlin and McLaughlin, you may be assured that you will communicate with a principal. If McLaughlin and McLaughlin is not the optimum fit for your need, we will do our best to provide a professional / quality referral.

We look forward to serving you and / or your organization in the near future.